Research Papers/Topics in Sedimentary And Petroleum Geology

Sediment Characteristics and Geochemistry of Ogwashi Asaba Formation at Oraifite and Environs, South Eastern Nigeria

                                ABSTRACTGeochemical characterization and lithostrtigraphic description of the Neogene strata in the Orafite-Nnewi area of Southeastern  Nigeria are carried out based on detailed field measurments and laboratory studies. The Ogwashi-Asaba formation consists of multi storey channelized sandstone, pebbly at the base and fining upward. Lignite seams occurs at various levels. Some geochemical properties of Enem, Olulu and Ejighioku lignites deposit...

Biostratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Numanha Shale of the Yola arm of the Upper Venue Trough

This research is about the biostratigraphy and depositional environment of Numanha shale of the Yola arm of the Upper Venue Trough. Five location within the study area were studied and sample were collected so as to analyze for microfossil and petrographic characteristics of the samples collected during field mapping /sample collection.