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Using Mobile Phones In Teaching And Learning In Secondary Schools In Tanzania

Abstract This paper discusses some of the findings from a recent cross-sectional survey that examined how secondary schools’ teachers use their mobile phones in teaching and learning. The participants were drawn from Mwanga and Chamwino districts in Kilimanjaro and Dodoma regions respectively in Tanzania. A large area of the study location enjoys a reliable mobile phones’ coverage network, many mobile phones’ service providers and reliable wireless internet. This study involved 100 tea...

Is Logic Aspects Incorporated In The Teaching And Students' Assessment? Case Study In Secondary Schools Located In Dodoma Municipality, Tanzania

Abstract: The study assesses teacher’s use of logic in teaching and students' assignments, exercises, group work, test and examination. Every University in Tanzania has its own teachers' training curriculum; the way teachers are educated to meet challenges and still upholding teaching qualities is questionable. The study involved qualitative (focus group discussion and observation of students assessments) and quantitative (structured interview) design. The study noted that; majority of tea...