Research Papers/Topics in Business Management

How to Write a Business Plan/Proposal (for Beginners and Existing Entrepreneurs)

Writing a Business plan; though challenging, should not be a task one would shy away from. A business plan will always guide us from errors in running our business and save us from stories that touch. The information provided in this book will guide anyone in writing a detailed business plan from start to finish within a week, as long as the individual can read and write. 

Strategic Information System Planning and Innovative Technology Roadmap

Strategic information systems (SIS) incorporate the realization of the strategic importance of Information Systems for Accenture’s competitiveness, as well as the methods, tools and the process to achieve it. The alignment of IT and business strategies lies at the core of any effort to use IT for gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. Business and IT strategies alignment is not a one-off process, but a continuous endeavor which requires the setup of an appropriate SIS planning ...

Optimizing BPM with Cloud Computing in Developing Economy

The impact of Cloud Computing on Business Process Management (BPM) cannot be over-emphasized. The increasing usage of cloud service solutions by organizations has introduced radical changes in the way enterprise applications are managed.In a traditional BPM; organizations will have to deal with huge amount of investment in hardware and software; as well as the man-power that is required for the installation and maintenance of the systems. In a cloud based system, the service provider ...