Research Papers/Topics in Maritime And Management Technology

Investigative Analysis of Marine Tugboat Accident in Nigeria. A Case Study of Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers State

The research paper showed that the major causes of boat and ferry accidents in Nigeria include human factor errors, natural factors, and technical factors. The safety of life and navigation at sea are important to coastal, flag states and the entire international shipping community in sustaining the  growth  of  global  sea  trade.  National  governments  and  indeed  the  Federal  government  of Nigeria have committed substanti...

Comparative study on dangers of corrosion in Marine heat exchanger performance in twomedia using Cast steel C-1030 and copper C-642.

The comparative nature of cast steel and copper in the marine environment ( Fresh water and Seawater) was study. The proper selection of materials used in heat exchanger design has a lot of impact on it's life span in a marine environment.