Research Papers/Topics in Maritime And Management Technology


Abstact: This book give a detail explaination of innovations in the logistics sector. Key innovation being, "STRATEGIES FOR MINIMIZING SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS COST".

Problems facing the Nigerian port and possible solutions to solving the identified problems

§ § § § Types of port congestion § Causes of port congestion § Positive impacts of port congestion § Negative impacts of port congestion § Solutions to the port congestion problem § Intermodal transport development and port congestion § Other challenges facing Nigerian port

An Analysis of Determinants of Accident Involving Marine Vessels in Nigeria’s Waterways

Cases of marine vessel accident involving personal injury, deaths, property and environmental damage have grown in tandem with increased oil prospecting and other commercial seaborne transportation activities in Niger-Delta/coastal regions of Nigeria. The incidence of marine vessel casualties and associated risk factors generate serious concern as further empirical evidence suggests that between 75-96% of marine vessel casualties are caused at least in part by some form of human error. This s...

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