Future of Internet of Everything (IOE).


In the world, the man matters, not the machine, people need to be care, not data. There is transition

from information technology to human technology. The answer is internet of everything (IoE). The int ernet of

everything (IoE) is a concept that extends the internet of things (IOT) by encompassing the machine-to-machine

(M2M) communication, machine-to-people (M2P) and technology-assisted people-to-people (P2P) with expended

digital features. It includes different types of devices, appliances and items that are connected to the global

internet. The internet of everything (IoE) comprises four components, namely, people, process, data and things to

make the networked connections more relevant and valuable. These components enable us to create new

capabilities, wide experiences and economic opportunity for individuals and businesses. IoE connects people in

more relevant and valuable ways, deliver the right information to the right people and/ or machine at the right

time, leverages data into more useful information for decision making and connect physical devices and objects

with each other via the internet of things (IoT). The IoE includes user -generated communications and interactions

associated with the global internet. The IoE is 5G technology that include evolution, elasticity, capacity, speed and

agility. In this research work, we discuss the potentiality of IoE technology that includes the seamless

interconnections and autonomous coordination among people, data and process through the global inter net

infrastructure. We will highlight the various applications of IoE in the area of pr ivacy and security. Security and

privacy are the major challenge in today world. There are various challenges like software and hardw are

compatibility, wired and wireless infrastructure, data analysis, data mining, big data and many other things that

need to be solves globally. We will discuss the security aspects of IoE that ensure the securing the environment, the

infrastructure and the process. Data collection is also the major challenge at the network edge. It includes

multitude of endpoint devices and sensors that automatically collect, analyze and transmit the data on the massive

scale and at very fast rate. Internet of Everything (IoE) will greatly impact individuals and business in the

next few years. It will be a radial shift to think that how we live, solve problem, create value, secure

environment to keep people, data, process and things under one umbrella. It will include devices and objects at the

massive scale. The network capabilities will create new experiences, capabilities and economic opportunities

for individuals, businesses and governments. In short, the internet of everything (IoE) changes only one thing,

which is everything.

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