Geology of Ekerekunta And Environs


We visited various locations during the time of our field exercise which include: Ekerekunta, Akpoha, Ogo ubi, Okpo ezi, Amaeta Enu. The present study area is bound within the latitude of 5055” N to 6° 0’ 0” N and longitude of 7055” E to 8° 1’ 0” E in the Southern Benue Trough within the Afikpo syncline and Abakaliki anticlinorium in south eastern Nigeria. The shale units underlie the bioturbated sandstones. Sedimentary structures were also observed in the study area, which include tabular cross stratification, beddings, herribone structures, asymmetrical ripples and trough cross beds. Asymmetrical ripples and trough cross beds indicates a high energy current. These bioturbated sandstones have high altitude (deeply steeping strikes and dips). This might be due to less period of exposure to erosion. The mapped area is drained by the streams of the Cross River system and Ebonyi River (Asu River). Compass/clinometers were used to obtain several measurements from outcrops within the study area. Samples gotten from the area of study were also taken to the laboratory for detailed analysis and results. Some rocks of economic importance were also seen like limestone, etc.

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