Gladercom Freight (Pvt) Ltd Consignment Tracking System

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The Gladercom Freight Consignment Tracking System is a web based progressive application

that allows consigners to book and pay for shipment, and track it till it reaches consignee’s’

destination. The consigner gains access to the system by using login details received via email.

The administrator is responsible for viewing paid consignment that is awaiting delivery, drivers

that have not been assigned delivery duties and assigning those drivers to deliver consignment.

The driver acquires delivery details on the system and after delivery, confirms that consignee

has received the goods. The administrator is also responsible for responding to client queries

on the system. This system was developed as a result of problems associated with the manual

system which are; physical record keeping was cumbersome and led to data loss, long queues

for shipment booking and payment, unending phone calls from clients of shipment location,

decentralized information sources. Interviews, questionnaires and observations are the

information gathering methodologies which were used to acquire information pertaining to the

old system. Inhouse development was selected among the evaluated alternatives as it proved

to be the most appropriate. The tracking system proved to be feasible after a feasibility study

was carried out in these areas, technological, operational, social and economic. The system was

developed using PHP, XAMPP, Bootstrap, JavaScript and MySQL. Testing was done through

unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, verification and validation,

leaving the stem bug free. The system will be mostly maintained using adaptive maintenance,

although corrective and perfective maintenance will be used when need arises. In future, there

is need to include warehousing and customs clearance on the system so as to improve customer

experience and consolidate business processes. Customer suggestions regarding updates should

be taken into consideration

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