Malaria-A climate Sensitive Disease

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Every year thousands of people died due to malarial infection, mainly in developingcountries and under developed countries. In most of these places, the infected persons ‘age isbelow five and pregnant women are also affected by  malaria, this is due to weak and poorimmunity.  Another important reason is lack of awareness about malarial infection. In future, dueto climatic change, disease spreading population of mosquito will increase. It leads to a chance inspreading more malarial disease in global level. In this article the fundamental information aboutmalarial disease and the control of malarial infections are briefly discussed. Malaria vaccinedevelopment research  is still  very challenging  one because  there is a  lack of information inparasite immunology and the information are very much useful to develop appropriate malariaVaccine in future.Keywords: Malaria, Plasmodium, Drug resistant parasite, Problems in Malaria control.

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