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There is a thick connection between history and the future. History has a way of explaining the present and determining the future. There is no way we can keep shying away from our past and still want to get it right. 

Elder P.O Edem is a creative writer and a brilliant storyteller. His story-telling skills and intuitive writing was brought to the fore in this short journey into our nation’s history.

As an elder who has seen much of Nigeria’s chequered history, Elder Edem proffers some useful advice in tackling the nation’s unstable system.

In the special feature, Ebere chuks O, a prolific writer in the first part of his “Nigeria and the cry for Liberation series”, examines the liberation struggles experienced so far in the country and the possible way forward. 

This book...HISTORICAL FLASHBACK is a must-read for all and sundry. I recommend it for youths and elders alike, anyone who truly believes in Nigeria’s bright future, those who foresee a brighter day for the Nigeria nation.

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