History of Recent Elections in Nigeria (1999 - 2007)

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The reason for revisiting this short essay is born from the desire to 

express my opinion on Edo State gubernatorial election that has just been conducted. However,  I wish to also analyse the history of Nigeria election. In the most recent   election of Edo state  observers speaks of a disaster that rocked the ruling party , on one side of this disaster there  was the party chairman of  the All Progressive Congress party caucus  Dr. Adams  Oshiomole and  on the other hand 

governor  Governor  Obaseki.  The high point of this conflict was when the strain in relationship  that  occurred during the election year,resulted    in Chief Obaseki and Oshiomole  parting ways . Obaseki moved to  PDP, People Democratic  Party,  while Oshiomole  , leader and symbol of the APC,  learnt his support  to Pastor Ize-Iyamu.  However , recent result from the Independent Electoral Commissions , INCE has  reproduce Obaseki as elected governor of Edo State . But one thing stands out in the process to the election. Obaseki who is suppose to be the incumbent governor was  in the Opposition while Ize-Iyamu who was in opposition1 was like the sitting governor,  ironically he was the incumbent governor for   about6 months . 2    The following research would make   use of  the series of events already  listed  above as set of facts to  aid in study of our object . The object is very important because in  every purported bodyof knowledge or study with claim to autonomy or separate identity , scholars of such knowledge  must specify  its object in a teleological manner . 3 The essence of a credible election  is so that there could be peace and meaningful development ,  in Africa and even beyond


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