Impact of teachers growth mindset

In order to explore the impacts of teachers’ growth mindset on teachers’ perception towards their self-efficacy and psychological wellbeing from Bangladeshi high school teachers ‘perspective. This research has performed a combined way of investigation which utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data were used. In study 1, 100 tutors have been surveyed to reveal the outcomes to investigation queries through a structured questionnaire with convenient sampling. Correlations were conducted to undertake the connection among tutors with the progressive mentality and their self-efficacy and psychological wellbeing. Chi-square, ANOVA and T-test, regression also works for this theorem. To run the analysis, the study used MS Excel and SPSS (V, 26) software. Results show that, p-value at the 0.001 level of significance with indicators (β=0.231, χ2 value=853.579, t-value=3.137, p-value=0.000) which strongly confirms that teachers’ growth mindset has a positive impact on teachers’ self –efficacy, and psychological wellbeing. The aim of study 2, 10 samples was taken for an extensive interview session with a view to realizing the intensity of data. The detailed interview has been processed to analyze and transcribed sequentially, which converted into a Microsoft Word document and examined through structured content analysis. Results show that, positive aftermaths of tutors' progressive mentality on tutors' self-efficacy and psychological wellbeing. Positive aftermaths of tutors' progressive mentality on tutors' assumption self-efficacy and psychological wellbeing, as well as the quantitative assessments, are not much different from the qualitative outcomes among the high-school teachers in Bangladesh. The study has considered standard deviations between research one and research two measurements. The results of these two studies suggested that an extensive measure of the study is to be adopted to pinpoint the actual influence of tutors' progressive mentality on their self-efficacy and psychological wellbeing. 

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