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The technical industrial training report is well written for the study of automobile and their engines for the students of tertiary institutions.  The sequence in which the topics were presented in this article is quite commendable. The materials are well presented in a way that is easily comprehendible by the reader.  The operative words are first defined and explained in a manner preparatory to their further and more detailed treatment in subsequent chapters.  Like the third chapter, which talks about the history of automobile, how it was invented, the  people that worked assiduously to seeing that it did not only remain a challenge that seems insurmountable but a reality. To the second chapter which discusses about the engines of the automobile, it’s complex nature, the different component that makes up an engine and how they work in one accord to bring about the efficiency of the engine.  Of course we know that air is very important in every thing we do, both in our vehicles.  Which leads us to that fifth chapter which talks about the role of air in the braking system of an automobile.  The stages it passes to ensure the effective braking of an automobile etc.  The diagrams/ pictures following almost all the topics are well designed to introduce  the  audience  to known  better  the kind of automobile  he/she  has  been  using all this  while.  Finally, I give my strong recommendation on this report not only to students of engineering but to the society at large.

Title Page ii
Dedication iii
Acknowledge iv
Abstract v
Table of Contentsvi

Chapter One
1.0About SIWES 1
1.1History of SIWES2
1.2Aims and objectives of SIWES3

Chapter Two
2.1Brief history of the Company 4
2.2Aims and objective of the company5
2.3Company Chart6

Chapter Three
3.1History of Automobiles7

Chapter four 
4.1The Engine of An Automobile 14
4.2Components of an Engine15
4.3Description of the Various Components Of An Engine16
4.4Valve Adjustment
4.5The Benefits of Valve Adjustment25
4.6Some Problems Encountered by the Engine, the Possible 26
4.5Maintenance of an Engine31

Chapter Five
5.1The role of Air in the Braking System of Automobile 32
5.2Design and Function 33
5.3The Advantages of Air in the Breaking System of an Automobile 34
5.4How air Works / Stages it Passes to Stop a Vehicle when The Brake is Matched 36

Chapter Six
Summary, Experiences Gains
6.2Experiences Gained40
6.3Problem Encountered41
6.4Suggestion for Further Improvement41

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