Industry and Company Analysis – An Investor Perspective

investment is putting money into something with the expectation of gain.
Investment in Stock market is very popular in Bangladesh. In 2010, so many
people invested into the stock market and this investment made them
millionaire. But in the fast quarter of 2011 stock market crashed. Millions of
investors have been rendered bankrupt as a result of the market crash. Lack of
analytical knowledge is one of the reasons behind this market crash. In share
market to minimize the risk two types of analysis is used,

Ø  Fundamental Analysis:

analysis maintains that markets may misprice a security in the short run but
that the "correct" price will eventually be reached. Profits can be
made by trading the mispriced security and then waiting for the market to
recognize its "mistake" and re-price the security.

Ø  Technical Analysis:

analysis maintains that all information is reflected already in the stock
price. Trends 'are your friend' and sentiment changes predate and predict trend
changes. Investor’s emotional responses to price movements lead to recognizable
price chart patterns. Technical analysis does not care what the 'value' of a
stock is. Their price predictions are only extrapolations from historical price

This research
deals with the Fundamental Analysis to evaluate the performance of the stock.
Fundamental analysis basically means Industry analysis and Company analysis and
valuation. The objective of the study is to make “An Industry and Company
Analysis Model according to Investor Perspective”.

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