Communication is the transfer of information from one person known as the sender to another person, known as the receiver. The role of communication in human life cannot be over emphasized. A result of this, there is a need for computer to be used as a mean of recording system in the bank; this gave rise to “intercommunication system in banking operation”.

 Intercommunication system in banking operation can be defined as the process of carrying out the basic activities in a bank in order to perform the desire function.

This project describes the possibility of the operations of the united bank for Africa (UBA) with the use of forms and frames to accept data and save it into the database. It also describes the operation of banks which include keeping of account for their customer.

Having considered some of the operations of this bank. This project helped to perform the basic operation of the banks and provides facility by which all the bank activity can be accessed through the same database.

Through information and communication technology (ICT) service available to united bank for Africa (UBA) Ilorin, it can now give its customers a unified access to manage their personal financial information. The adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) by this bank has increased its operational efficiencies, reduced cost through high utilization rate in ICT environment to ensure compliance with changing time and to gain competitive advantage. Method of handing financial services has to change from old manual transactions and data processing to a faster, more effective and highly efficient electronic data processing and electronic fund transfer (EFT) i.e. deposits withdrawals, bills-pay-in, purchases of draft, valve for cheque, third-part transactions, fund transfer and inquiries are all done electronically within seconds. The adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) has also helped some other standard banks in Nigeria to keep the peace with the changing customer.

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