Investigation Into Level of Services (A Case Study of Egbejila Road)

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This project was executed in order to investigate into the level of service of Egbejila Road Ilorin west Local Government Kwara State and improvement options. It was carried out to determine the rigidity quality, traffic characteristics and traffic volume study of the road, which was put into consideration in order to know what really cause the failure and how to determine the improvement option for such road. It was also discussed; some of the possible effect of contraction which leads to structural failure of defect of potholes, washout, suited culvert, edge brake etc. The use of questionnaire was introduced to know the opinion of people in Egbejila Community on what are the problems faced regarding the specific road. It was also discussed; the common types of pavement failure in Egbejila road. Some pictures were taken from the road various types of failure on the road and the remedy option. Recommendations were also made on how to rectify pavement failure in order to restore the road to good standard during use.               



Content                                                                                                 Page No

Title page                                                                                              i

Certification                                                                                           ii

Dedication                                                                                             iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                 iv

Abstract                                                                                                 v

Table of contents                                                                                   vi

List of Table                                                                                          ix

List of Pates                                                                                           x


1.0     Introduction                                                                                 1

1.1     Statement of the Problem                                                            2

1.2     Aim and Objectives of the Research                                            3

1.3     Justification                                                                                 3

1.4     Scope of the Study                                                                       4

1.5     Description of the Study                                                              5

1.6     Methodology                                                                               5


2.0     Literatures Review                                                                       6

2.1.0  Classification of Road                                                                 6

2.1.1  Classification according to the volume of traffic they handle      7

2.1.2  Classification according to the number lane in the road               7

2.1.3  Classification according to the area they travel                            7

2.1.4  Classification according to the east of the Road                           7  

2.1.5  Classification according to Rigidity of the Road                          8

2.2.    Factors Influencing the Selection of the type of Base Surfacing  10

2.3     Earth Road                                                                                   10

2.4     Gravel Road                                                                                11

2.5     Pavement Rehabilitation                                                              13


3.0     Data Collection                                                                            14

3.1     Introduction                                                                                 14

3.2     The Study Area                                                                            14

3.3     Nature of Transportation Service in The area                              14

3.4     Method of Data Collection                                                           15

3.4.1  Failure observed on Egbejila Road Ilorin                                    15

3.5     Limitation of the Methodology                                                    16

3.6     Traffic Volume Study                                                                  16


4.0     Analysis and Discussion                                                              28

4.1     Analysis of the Questionnaire                                                      28 

4.2     Pavement Defect/Failure                                                             29

4.2.1  Types of Pavement Failure                                                          29

4.3     Effect of Failure                                                                           31

4.4     Causes of the road pavement in Egbejila Community area, Ilorin West LOCAL Government area Kwara State                               31

4.5     Traffic Characteristic                                                                   32

4.5.1  Average Traffic Volume                                                              32

4.6     Summary and Discussion                                                            36


5.0     Conclusion and Recommendation                                                38

5.1     Conclusion                                                                                  38

5.2     Recommendation                                                                         38

          Reference                                                                                     40


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