IoT in Home Energy Management

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This paper is a detailed study of IoT devices and effectively using them for Energy Management at our Homes. IoT Energy Management is an operation that involves organizing and administration of energy consumption patterns in numerous industries. As a part of the Smart System, Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is becoming increasingly essential, because energy consumption of urban residential sector accounts for a noteworthy amount of total energy consumption. However, a conventional HEMS has some construction limitations on location, security and monitoring. In addition, the cost of enactment of a HEMS is very exorbitant, which leads to another stumbling block in the development of a HEMS. IoT also authorizes flawless remote access control of home devices where the user gets online access to control the usage pattern of the home appliances via personal devices. We outlined and executed the proposed Smart Home Energy Management and have conducted an experiment to verify the performance of the given system. Here my thesis question is, “Is it advisable to absolutely shift to the use of IoT for Home Energy Management in time to come?”.

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