Islam, Politics and Social Media: Nigerian Context


            Islam is an indispensable phenomenon in all spheres of human life in the universe, Nigeria included. This informs the position taken in this paper that Islam is in support of Muslims’ involvement in developmental politics. This paper established the fact that Islam appreciates and welcomes all forms of advancement which aligned with the injunctions of Allah.This implies that using social media is permitted in as much it is in line with Islamic teachings. However, experience has shown that as much as both politics and social media could be used as tools for the advancement of state affairs, they have been employed wrongly as veritable tools for self-aggrandizement. These acts and other associated vices are sternly frown at by Islam. Therefore it is in the submission of this paper that, as Muslims, we should endeavour to be amongst those doing good with whatever resources or opportunities Allah has endowed us with. If we must participate in politics, it should be for Allah’s sake and the advancement of humanity. Our social media platforms should be deployed in a way devoid of social vices. It should be noted that if we cannot resist the temptation of committing evils/sins associated with politics and social media, then it is well and good to desist from participating in politics and having any social media platform. Allah has promised us that our deeds shall be questioned in the day of judgement.

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