Isolation of oil degradation bacteria

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Petroleum-based products are the major  source   of  energy for  industry and

daily life. The technology commonly used for the soil remediation includes

mechanical,  burying,  evaporation, dispersion,  and washing. However, these

Technologies   are   expensive   and   can   lead   to   incomplete   decomposition   of

contaminants   (Zaid   A.   Pirzada.2015)   The   Bioremediation   technique   is   a

pollution treatment technology that uses biological  systems to  catalyse   the

destruction or transformation of various chemicals to less harmful forms. The

global market  of   bioremediation  is   becoming   increasingly   wider   and more

successful   because   it   is   regarded   as   a   clean   technology.   (Nalinee,.2013)   It   is   also   important   because   micro-organisms  die   when

there are no more pollutants to use as substrate. Bioremediation is a versatile process because it can be adapted to suit the specific needs of each site.

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