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ABSTRACT This research work sought to improve on the performance of students through the use of hands-on instructional approaches in integrated science. An Action Research was used in this study to improve students‟ performance in integrated science. Second Year General Art Students of Queen of Peace Senior High School numbering 57 was the sample used for the study. The research instruments used included observation, interview, questionnaires and tests. It was observed that these students believed that, integrated science is difficult and boring hence makes no attempt to excel in the subject. The students were engaged in activities, group work and constant use of teaching and learning materials to develop and sustain their interest in the subject. At the pre-intervention stage, interviews and diagnostic practical tests were used to assess the magnitude of student‟s problems. Observations were made and student‟s marks recorded. It was deduced that lack of activities involving learners affected their interest and performance in integrated science. Duration of eight weeks‟ intervention plan was designed and implemented to assist students to improve their performance in integrated science A number of recommendations have been made based on the findings of the research which include the need for teachers to always use varying teaching methods such as demonstration, practical activities, peer tutoring and discussions to make integrated science lessons interesting. Also, the performance of Form Two Art Two (2A2) students of Queen of peace Senior High School improved exceedingly when varying teaching methods, timely marking of students exercises and effective remedial lessons were conducted. It is hoped that learners will be more engaged in the teaching and learning process so as to develop and sustain their interest in the subject.

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