Misinformation in any society can harm various sectors of that society. It can debar democratic processes, cause social cohesion, and create a terrible public health system. Misinformation is very common in Nigeria, which has become a challenge to developing various sectors of the Nigerian economy. It is common knowledge that if the citizens and non citizens in a country have flourishing businesses in that country, the Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) of that country’s economy will increase. For instance, in Nigeria, part of the economy’s build up is from foreigners who come into the country to start businesses and pay their company taxes. Therefore, if people are scared to come to Nigeria because of some type of rumor or fake news, it would most likely create a defect in the profit making endeavor of  the country.  Finding a lasting way to address this problem has brought about this research focused on: Addressing Misinformation with Media Literacy through Cultural Institutions.

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