MAC 117 - Writing from the Mass Media

The mass media have emerged in contemporary society as one of the powerful institutions for societal change and development. Rationally, the mention of mass media invokes mental pictures of radio, television, newspaper, magazines, e.t.c. They constitute the channels through which information circulates for enlightenment and education of the public. Basically, it means that the mass media writers are in the primary business of information gathering, writing, and dissemination. Uyo (1987:11) points out that the deeper understanding of the nature of the mass media is essential for writing effectively for the mass media. DeFleur and Dennis, quoted by Uyo (1987:2), defined mass media as devices for moving messages across distance and time to accomplish mass communication. Blake and Haroldsen, also cited by Uyo, refer to the mass media as “technical vices through which mass communication take place. The mass media therefore have the nature of being: · Easily noticed · They possess the nature of being outspoken. · It is also in their nature and character to always be in a hurry. · They are publicist in nature. Characteristically, the mass media are naturally open to public service. That is, the element of commercialization and profit making should not be pushed to the extreme in regards to the mass media. Also, the mass media are institutions that are both generalist and specialist. That is, at any point in time media presentations must have something for groups and individuals. They exhibit the character of being independent which must be upheld by the polity if the mass media are to save as the last hope of the common man and the voice of the voiceless. Message types presented in the mass media include: · News Stories: This is a straight, formal, objective, balanced, accurate, and timely account of a factual event. Here, the 5Ws & H are emphasised at the very beginning of the story as quick as possible. · News Analysis: This can be described as a less objective assessment of the issues in the news. That is, breaking down of news events in order to highlight the important point. It is an attempt to explain for better understanding the events that make headlines.

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