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Information Resource Development Policy for the College of Education, Billiri Library Gombe State

Information resource management is another name for collection development which can be used synonymously. Information resource management relates to selection and acquisition of information resources, it requires constant examination and evaluation of information resources as well as constant study of patrons’ needs and changes in the community served (Corrall, 2012). Therefore, information resources management is a process deliberately and consciously put in place for the continuous ident...

Query Formulation and Reformulation?

Search strategies are ways of using search terms in finding required information from search tools, such as search engines (Google), the library catalogue and online databases. However, to achieve good search results, it is necessary to use search strategies.

Discuss the Stakeholders in Health Information Systems

According to Martin and Powell (1992) ―a system is a collection of entities which are interrelated to each other and to their environment so they form a whole. While the Oxford Advanced Learner‘s Dictionary defined system as a group of things or systems working together as a whole. From the two above definition you can see clearly that when we talking about system, we are referring to several things working together in unity under the control of one entity for efficiency or optimization. ...


A presidential system is also known as a single system or an executive system, in this system, the man or woman is also known as the head of state or head of government. In this type of government the head is generally known as the president, he or she controls the executive branch of his or her government but not in control of the legislative and the judicial branch of government because the presidential system of government uses what is called separation of power. In a parliamentary system,...


Introduction Hermeneutics is derived from a Greek word Hermeneien”. It is a word derived from Hermes, the Greek god known as the messenger of the gods. This Greek god is thus, saddled with the task of transmitting and interpreting the communications of the gods to their fortunate and/or unfortunate recipients. In classical literature, the verb hermeneus is used to mean to explain or to translate. It often appears in contexts which stresses the responsibility of human beings to interpret rig...


How beautiful is the account of Jesus’ Passion. Because the Passion of Jesus was so revered it is believed the Passion accounts in the Gospels were the first parts of the Gospels to be written. The early Christians were so eager to preserve the account of our salvation that they put the Passion of Jesus in writing quickly. We can understand their sentiments because we too venerate Jesus’ Passion. 

HIS 112- Black in Diaspora

Pan- Africanism means different things to different people. Nevertheless central to the idea of Pan- Africanism is the belive to African people or black descents in the protection of their rights and preservation of their identity.

The Kanem Bornu Empire

The largest natural lake is western Sudan is Lake chad. It is fairly shallow but from time immemorial but the Lake has helped the economic and in consequence the political development of the people near it.

GST 103: Aspects of Culture

1. Taboos are part of the……………… of society. 2. The late Dr. Ladi Kwali was renowned for the art of…………………… 3. Culture is ……………………………. derived. 4. Sanctions within a society ensures………….. to laid down rules and regulations.

GST 103- Nigerian History

1. The two accounts of origin of the Igbo asserts that they came from 2. The Europeans were not happy with Benin because of the following, except  3. Which year was the British punitive expedition sent to Benin 4. The rulers of the Oyo Empire took the title of

Types and Main Features of Essays

Introduction to essay Types of essay Features of a good essay

SSE 122 Lecture Note

Concept of Family The Structure of the Family Functions of the Family Micro-Society Social Institutions Concept of Marriage Concept of Kinship


A. PREHISTORY OF AFRICA The Concept of Prehistory and its relevance to African Studies Basic Characteristics of Prehistory  Sources for the Reconstruction of African Prehistory Archaeology  Purpose of Archaeology in Africa B. INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN EVOLUTION  Primate Evolution  Fossil Discoveries  C. WHY AFRICA IS CONSIDERED AS THE CRADLE OF HUMANKIND D. SUMMARY OF THE STAGES OF HUMAN EVOLUTION AND ASSOCIATED CULTURES  Characteristics of the Homo sapiens E. EARLIEST AFRICAN CULTURES (STO...

GST 101: Computer-based exam

Passage A All over the world till lately and in most of the world till today, mankind has been following the course of nature: that is to say, it has been breeding up to the maximum. To let nature take her extravagant course in the reproduction of the human race may have made sense in an age in which we were also letting her take her course in decimating mankind by casualties of war, pestilence and famine. Being human, we have at least revolted against that senseless waste. We have started to...

GST 102- Logic

1. Which of the following is not a connective symbol? 2. Which of the following is not a connective symbol? 3. Which of the following is not a connective symbol? 4. Which of the following is not a connective in English?

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