MAC 212- Modern Means of Communication

Select The Medium

The communicator chooses an appropriate channel to carefully and timely convey his information to the receiver. Soola, O (Op cit) explains the rationale for the choice of medium. According to him, “your choice of a medium must be based on your understanding of the audience. Of particular relevance in this regard is whether the receiver is educated or not; whether or not he can read and write, as well as his level of understanding of the language of communication. Other factors to consider include the physical distance separating the source from the receiver, as well as the nature of the message…”

 • Receiver

The receiver is the decoder of the message. The receiver needs to pay much attention in other to receive the message with clear understanding. There must be perceptive listening on the side of the receiver. • Design the Response At this stage, the receiver organizes and responds to the stimulus having got the message interpreted by his central nervous system. • Select the medium At this stage, the receiver has to select a method of sending his reply to the source. The decoder who receives the message must participate in the communication exchange. He will have to respond through an appropriate medium.

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