MAC 214- Introduction to Book Publishing


3.1 Definition of Book Publishing Though it must be difficult to cultivate a generally accepted definition for publishing, scholars have developed generic terms for the process of producing literary works. Nyeko (1999:1) opines that; it is “the process of producing for dissemination, books, films, computer programs, records, newspapers, periodicals, discs, bulletins, magazines, and other literacy materials.” Contextually, we can conclude that book publishing is a process that seeks to capture social and intellectual activity and store same for the information, education, and entertainment of society. 20 Akpoko (2012:27) said book publishing “simply means to have a book or periodical printed out and distributed for sale.” He pointed out that publishing normally covers a wide range of activities, which include the production of reports, books, and other reading materials for the use of the general public. Oso and Biobaku (2008) explain that publishing is a generic term used to describe the process of producing literacy and information materials for utility. Okwilagwe (2001:1) quoted Chandler Grannis (967) who define publishing as To make public – to send forth among the people – the words and pictures the creative minds have produced, that editors have worked over, and that printers have reproduced. In this sense publishing is a process that involved creative minds who conceived ideas that want others to share. Publishing is a process that, according to Okwilongwe (2001) consists of planning, selecting, editing, designing, producing, marketing and distributing of printed materials such as books, magazines and newspapers. Specifically, when applied to books, publishing is completed only when a manuscript has been transformed into a book and distributed to its intended audience.

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