MAC 223- Environmental Public Relation

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Public relations relates to the state of the mind. It has to do with man’s alertness and consciousness to shield himself from any kind of negativity or anything that is capable of casting aspersion on him or his person. Interestingly, such awareness and mindfulness is not peculiar to man, but also to animals. To both, it is crucial for consistent public favorable disposition and preservation of one’s personal image, integrity, and reputation. To man, it dates back to biblical times. In Genesis chapter one, verse 7, Adam and Eve became conscious of their nakedness and the need to clothe themselves and consequently “sewed fig leaves together and covered themselves”. With the increase in population, inter-dependentness, the need for closer affinity with each other and corporate promotion are among the factors that have to enhanced the growth and development of public relations MAC 232 ENVIRONMENTAL PUBLIC RELATIONS 2 over time. And it is a universal phenomenon. Globally, every individual or corporate organization wants to be seen in the best of light. To attain the goal, people embark on and take a series of measures in order to boost their positive public perception. This, most of the time bother on communication and often involve means of warding off negative opinion or publicity about them. At least from its inception, this represents the idea and philosophy behind the concept of public relations. At present, its scope, diversity and dynamism has gone beyond anyone’s imagination, hence we today we an arm of public relations focusing on man’s very sensitive neighbour, companion and locality, environment. Public relations diversity is today to do a level of sophistication. Yet it is clear understanding and appreciation must stem from knowing its humble beginning and of course the many way people perceive it.

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