MAC 332- Advertising Copy and Layout


3.1 The Advertising Process Just like most other endeavours, advertising is a process that involves different players. Different units contribute its’ quota to achieve advertisements. These units or players as we may call them play individual but vital roles which are linked such that the absence of one affects the entire process or output. These players are the advertisers, the advertising agencies, the suppliers and the media. The Advertiser We can also call them clients; advertisers according to Arens et al (2008) are companies, manufacturer, patenters, developers, firms or any out fit that has a product to advertise. They sponsor advertising for themselves and their products. Their sizes differ and range from small independent businesses to huge international multinational companies. So also do they differ in type. Companies can offer services, goods, or ideas like banks; a social manufacturing company or a consultancy firm. Advertisers have been classified into four; local, regional, national and international advertisers. Local Advertisers Also known as retail advertisers, local advertisers are advertisers who advertise directly to consumers. Usually they employ personal selling, publicity sales promotion and other marketing strategies to get sales for their product. Four types of local advertisers have been identified to include; dealers or major distributors of big national or international firms; stores that sell a variety of products e.g. a provision store; specialty businesses and services like banks, insurance brokers etc and; governmental and non-profit organizations. Three types of local advertising are product advertising, institutional advertising and classified advertising. Regional Advertisers Regional advertisers are companies who operate within a certain region usually made up of some states put together. Example is ‘Baby Rising Powder’ produced in south-south Nigeria and common in south-south states and adjunct states to the south-south region. Usually, adverts are extended only to areas where their market reach.

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