Mental Health, a Monster?

Eric Kwasi Elliason 14 PAGES (2489 WORDS) Article
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We live in a part of the world where a mere mention of mental health puts people to flight.  The phrase “mental health” has so much been negativized to the extent that most people do not want to hear it any more. One stands to wonder why this hypocritical attitude towards mental health.  Paradoxically, almost everybody cherishes health and desires health and longevity but when the adjective “mental” is added, the story changes. Is mental health not a part of the “health package”? Is mental health synonymous with mental illness?  Should mental health be relegated to the background? This paper unravels the mysteries surrounding these questions and make proposals for the improvement of the mental health situation in Ghana especially. The paper concludes with a call for the resuscitation of mental health and de-stigmatization of mental health in all societies. 

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