Msu Wrl Virtual Assessment System

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The basis of the research project was to develop an online Work Related Learning (WRL) System for the Midlands State University. As it is a requirement for MSU students completing their second year in their respective degree programs to go for Work Related Learning in their third year .The MSU WRL Virtual Assessment System aims to solve the problems faced by the MSU Work Related Learning department after a realization that students on work related learning may not manage to meet the deadline of the submission of work related learning logbooks or reports due to some critical work commitments for example travelling abroad frequently to perform work activities there or for some workshops and hence a need for a platform for them to submit it online to their Academic Supervisors online. The current system was further studied in the analysis phase in order to gain a clear understanding of the problem area. This phase incorporated three fact finding tools namely, questionnaires, interviews and observations. These exposed weaknesses and strengths of the existing system.

However an information system entitled MSU WRL Virtual Assessment System was developed to counteract on the identified problems. This system was developed using PHP Laravel Framework, Bootstrap and MySQL database. It has turned out to be a success since it passed all testing stages elucidated in the implementation phase.

Therefore there is need for consistent maintenance of hardware and software that support the system. This is done so as to as to upkeep high system productivity within its operation. Systems network structure is also of concern since there is need to accommodate high information movement on the web server.

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