Muslim Festivals

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The world of Islam has always been treated with caution by Western society, with an indifference to a sense of fear or even inferiority in some cases in the depths of history. In recent decades, things have changed dramatically, for the better when it came to the West's knowledge of one of the world's most popular religions, which has about1.6 billion followers. 

The religion of Islam played a unifying role in the exuberantly divided Arabian Peninsula in the    7th century BC after local tribes or factions united religiously but politically under the auspices of the prophet Muhammad and then his descendants (1st and 2nd   caliphs),establishing a state of the era that spread to Asia, North Africa, and reached the shores of the old continent with, as a common point of reference, the homo-religious. Europe's first contact with the religion of Islam comes from the period of the Crusades, where there are reports of a barbaric people who believe and fully follow their religious scriptures. In fact, European historiographers are wrong because, looking at the traditions and customs of these people without scratching the surface but starting with their religious celebrations, one can understand that they are a jovial moral people with peculiarities even within the inside of their own religion that help to create a beautiful cultural complex and religious mosaic nowadays.

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