Nigerians Need to Get it Right Now



“The questions What came to my mind is that where, why and how do we get it all wrong that we need to get it right? Then, we Nigerians both home and abroad need to get it right now”.

It baffles me many a time when encountered with such questions of where, why and how do we get it wrong in our institutional system be it the political, economic and socio-cultural heritage of our dear country, Nigeria.

At the Political economy angle, we messed ourselves up with policies that cannot stand the test of time. Tolerance, Patriotic zeal and mutual respect for one another with the ethical standard should be our watchword in all we do, as well as applying it to the political-economic policy which suppose to transform our lives to be a better human and capital development are eroded. Why are we, Nigerians so drunk with selfish interest and intolerance of another (fellow) Nigerians brothers? We are so greedy of our own self at the expense of fellow brother without showing love for Unity and Progress, so we can live coexistence in Peace. Right from my childhood as a chap at Elementary level to Tertiary cadre, I learnt and chanted the Nigerian anthem, even on an important occasion or forum, the famous and prestigious Nigeria national anthem goes viral and ended with these great words ‘PEACE AND UNITY. The question begging for a solid answer within us is, Where is the Peace and Unity at the Political angle of our daily lives in Nigeria? The mission of every Nigerian is to secure the Peace and Unity of Nigeria as a progressive and existing virile state both within and outside the sovereign integrity of her. So, why is Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) struggle at loggerhead with political power to All Progressive Congress (APC) and vice versa, without united on common ground to uplift the mission of PEACE, PROGRESS and UNITY we are called to obey?

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