Online Counseling System


This project is insight into the design and implementation of an Online Counseling

System. The primary aim of this project is to eradicate the long queues at the

counseling unit. It was discovered in the course of this study that students or

counselees have neglected the face-to-face counseling mode which is been offered by

the university because of the stress in registering for counseling and seeing the

counselor, so the need for a better system came about with online counseling system.

This project is divided into five (5) chapters in order for the research to be effectively

carried out. Chapter one (1) is the introduction page, where overview, background of

study, aims and objectives, problem statement, motivation, scope and limitation,

research framework and research methodology were examined.. Chapter two (2)

composes review of related works, advantages and disadvantages. Chapter three (3)

focuses on the system analysis and design of the existing and proposed system.

Chapter four ( 4 ) this captures the implementation of the system, presenting snapshots

of the system while testing. Chapter five (5) this contains the summary, conclusion

and recommendation of this project work.

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