Outsourcing And Service Delivery A Case Study Of Uganda Police Force

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Outsourcing is the buzz word of the new millennium while companies are increasing moving

jobs offshore to cut clown costs. The public is feeling cheated that their jobs are being stolen by

cheat foreign labour. In this study aims at investigating the impact of outsourcing on service

delivery at Uganda Police Force. The study was guided by the following specific objectives to

establish the influence of outsourcing on quality :efservice deli• ~ry at Uganda police. to find out

tlw effects of outsourcing on cost of service ddtvery at Uganda police Ioree. to investigate

rdationship between outsourcing and service delivery at Uganda Police force. The study adopted

both qualitative de;ign. Both questionnaires and do commentary reviews were used during data

collection. The sample was. drawn departments procurement and disposal unite, finance and user

departments. internal audit accounting and contracts committee members.

The sampled size consisted of 35 respondents. The findings revealed that service providers have

necessary skills required for the assignments. UPF out sources only non core functions.

outsnurcing i:; carried out in accordance with PPDA laws and regulations. some contractors do

nut have long experience in the service they otTer. UPF continuously monitors the activities of

contractors. The study also found out that out::·: urcing enab" .:s UPF management concentrate

only on core functions. customers of UPF are satisiled with their performance, UPF does not

lkliver products to customers in time, services offered by outsourced companies are of high

quality. and there are strategies to improve service delivery. UPF does not positively respond to

,;nmpany clients. delivery schedule hamper efliciency. and effectiveness of service delivery.

'ilc study further l(nmd out that the methods of uloutsourcing goods and services do not enable

""hicvenwnt of value lot· money. The research also found out that in experienced outsourccd

companies pose negative effects on the performance of UPF such as acquisition of poor quality


response. The research further noted that poor communication leads to delay in decision making.

contract disputes, limited coordination un time':' delivery cJ products, setting wrong which

create disputed between parties involved if further established that monitoring contractors helps

111c'asmc the pcrl(mmmce of providers and improve areas of weakness.

Finally strategies to improve service delivery include: timely payment of providers, performance

evaluation that helps UPF to know the actual performance The study finding were discussed

Nine with literature based on the iinds, conclusion and recommendations were made by the

researcher thereafter further suggested areas of future research.

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