Organisation Behaviour: A Case Study of Primark

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Table of Contents


Overview of the company

Diagnosing Primark’s culture

Organisational Culture Framework

Paradigm Theory

Organisational Practices

Practices to improvise the effectiveness of the organization


Organizational behaviour is the main component that determines the culture of an organization or a company. The culture often assists in the motivation of employees and plays a very important role to bridge the communication gap between the employees. In the present business environment, organizational behaviour Plays a major role in the proper functioning of that organization. The company in this study will be Primark. Being a public limited company, the sole purpose of Primark is to increase the capital of the business through the capital market. The main aim of Primark is to raise the number of funds. divide the ownership of the business among the different shareholders which in turn helps it to provide quality products to its valuable customers. In recent days it is observed that Primark has changed the way of its operation and style of management with due course of time. The recent frameworks and methods included in the study will give a clear view of the situation of the organizational culture in 2021.

Paradigms, on the other hand, mean the way human beings react to their society. In this study, the functionalist theory will be discussed in detail. It also states how Primark is a better fit in the functionalist theory. It opens up avenues for growth and prosperity at large at the same time.

Practices for motivation of employees 7

Practices involved in magnification of success 8

Conclusion 10

References 10

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