PORT Concessioning and the Future of Nigeria Ports


The inadequacies of Nigerian ports toward the delivery of quality services such as good infrastructure, cargo handling, vessel quick turn round time, corrupt and fraudulent tendencies has given rise to privatization and concession since this practices can brief about the required level of efficiency and effectiveness when compared with international standards. This research work would enable us ascertain the effects of concessioning of Nigeria seaports. And also evaluate the viability of concessioning in the National economy. In order to analyse these facts stated above, a research questionnaire was sent out to various staff of ports, shipping companies and the public for respective views. The response were collected and collated. Analysis of chi-square was utilized to test the operational performance. The resulting effect was poor and there was the need for concessioning for our ports to see the light of the day and measure up to international standard. Recommendations were made to assist in beefing up the operational standard. Infrastructural development that will enhance good productivity and delivery of qualify services to port user, as well as sustainable economic development to benefit the nation. 

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