POS 103- Introduction to Constitution Development

Course Description And Objectives

The courses enhance student’s knowledge, understanding and appreciation of events, actions and incidents in the evolution of Nigeria towards nationhood. The course will also take the students through the political and constitutional developments of Nigeria from 1900 through the period of independence 1960. It will also explore the pre and post colonial era as it effect the socio-political structure of Nigeria, and describe to problems inherent in the Nigerian constitution since 1922 up to the current 1999 constitution.

Course Outline

1.       What is a constitution?

          -  Definition of Constitution

          -  The Nature of the Constitution

          -  Sources of a Constitution

          -  Types of Constitution

2.       Introduction to Nigerian Politics

          -  Background to British Administration (1861-1914)

          -  Sir Hugh Clifford’s Constitution of 1922

          -  The Rise of Nationalist Movement in Nigeria

          -  Sir Author Richard’s Constitution of 1946

3.       Towards Nigeria’s Independence

          -  McPherson Constitution of 1951

          -  Oliver Lyttleton’s Constitution of 1954

          -  The 1960 Independence Constitution

          -  1963 Republican Constitution

4.       Post-Colonial Period

          -  The Theory of Federalism

          -  Evolution of Nigerian Federalism

          -  Nigerian Government and Politics (1966-1979)

          -  The Collapse of the first Republic

5.       Military Leadership in Nigerian Politics

          -  The Military Intervention in Nigerian Politics

          -  Toward Military Disengagement

          -  Achievements of the Military Regime in Nigeria

6.       The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria-1989

          -  1994-1995 Constitutional Conferences

          -  The 1999 Nigerian Constitution



Final Examination And Grading

The final examination will be a test of two (3) hours and all areas of the course will be examined. The continuous assessment will attract 30% of the grade and the remaining 70% will be from the final examination, making 100% as the overall total.


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