Prejudice Against Ghanaian Homosexual Youth.

This study aimed at examining the spread of homosexual practice among Ghanaian youth n the Accra Metropolis, and the prejudice against those with this sexual orientation. It also discussed the social policy implications of the prejudice in relation to access to education, health and employment. In the employment of qualitative research design, data were collected from participants through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. Discussions from the findings revealed that homosexual practice among Ghanaian youth is indeed common. Moreover, homosexuals in Ghana experience high degrees of prejudice from families, friends, associates and the community once they are identified as non heterosexuals; making access to health, employment and education almost impossible.
Therefore, findings from this study could be of interest to stakeholders in education, gender and social protection as well as policy makers in tackling the social, moral and legal concerns of homosexuality among the youth in the country. It is important therefore for the government and the sector ministries concerned to pay more attention to the social sector to ensure that sexual minorities, irrespective of their sexual orientation are protected
and given the necessary aid to enhance their socio-economic status and improve Ghana’s overall socio-economic development.

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