Remodeling of Conference Room, Floor Finishes, Window And Furniture.

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         This project is anchored on the design and construction of Tiles, windows and furniture involves in the conference room their method and pattern of construction, it’s advantages value and as well other valuable tool such as; working tools for the construction of tiles; (cement, white cement, fine aggregate e.t.c); tools for the construction of windows; (nails and screws, drills e.t.c) and also tools for the construction of furniture

         Furthermore, the purpose of tiles, it values, it significance from other floor beauty materials, and also the types of tiles and the purposes of other types as differ.

         In addition too, this project covers the construction of different types of windows, even for the differential purpose, the value of different window structures as pertaining to it cost and the shapes as ficatured in the pictures.  





Title Page                                                                                 i

Certification                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                iii

Acknowledgement                                                                     iv

Abstract                                                                                   v

Table of content                                                                        vi


1.0    Introduction                                                                     1

1.1    Aims and Objectives                                                          2

1.2    Scopes of Study                                                                3


2.0    Literature Review                                                              4-

2.1    Ceramics, Tiles, And Manufacturing process.                         6        

2.2    Methods of Manufacturing Ceramic tiles                                8-9

2.3    Type Glazed Ceramic tiles                                                  9

2.3.1 Glazed Ceramic tiles                                                          10

2.3.2 Unglazed ceramic tiles                                                       10

2.4    Ceramic floor tile manufactures                                           10

2.5    Packing grading and sorting of ceramic floor tiles                   11

2.6    Pattern formation with tiles                                                 12        

2.7    Methods of tiles placement                                                 12

2.8    Precaution that are necessary during tile placement               15

2.9    Materials used for tiling                                                      16

2.10  Tools necessary for ceramic floor tile.                                   17

2.11  Construction method                                                         18





 3.0   Introduction to Aluminium Window                                      21

3.1    Important of window                                                         21        

3.2    Different types of material used for window                          21

3.3    Glass, Aluminium and Burglary Metal Frame glass                  23         

3.3.1 Aluminium                                                                       24         

3.3.2 Metals                                                                             26

3.4    Scope of project                                                               27

3.5    Aim and objective                                                             27

3.6    Material used                                                                   28

3.7    Properties of Metal                                                            29

3.8    Properties of Aluminium                                                     30        

3.9    Properties of Glass                                                            30

3.10  Properties of Rubber                                                         31

3.11  Design and construction of Aluminium window and burglary

         Frame for office use.                                                         31

3.12  Finishing                                                                          32

3.13  Joint and connection                                                          33

3.14 Safety Precaution                                                               34


4.0    Material used for the Furniture                                            36

4.1    Tools and equipment                                                         37

4.2    Finishing                                                                          40


5.0    Conclusion                                                                       43

5.1    Recommendation                                                              44


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