Spectrum Regulation Framework; A Case Study of NCC Nigeria


Spectrum is a vital requisite for growth enhancement in this Digital Economy, and the efficient way of managing the use of the spectrum resources is very important. In recent years, wireless and mobile data traffic in Nigeria has increased dramatically and requires significant portion of spectrum. However, accommodating this unprecedented usage of spectrum will require new innovative approaches, these approaches includes cognitive radio and geolocation databases, these approaches permits the application of new radio frequency frameworks for licencing, based on the licensed or unlicensed shared use of spectrum. Therefore, this research aimed at analyzing framework policies, which are adopted and implemented by several countries; suggesting ways that would greatly help the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to alleviate the shortage and efficient use of spectrum. The research started by identifying the key framework policy designed for spectrum management by the NCC. It went on to analyze the spectrum management framework for two developed and two African countries then further on it carried out analysis on the key framework policies used by these countries in relation to Nigeria, finding out that spectrum sharing and the Mobile Virtual Network Operators are key strategies not implemented by the NCC. The study then concluded by providing recommendations for such strategic implementation for proper spectrum management knowing that the best way to ascertain the economic value of spectrum for Mobile. Spectrum managers needs to consider new methods to spectrum management, including the adoption of these mechanisms, policy makers also, needs to take into account a range services resulting from an efficient use of the Radio Frequency which help in economic and social benefits hence preserving government critical services. 

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