Study Of Finding Ct Abdomen Post Contrast


-the objects of this study to known the finding CT abdomen post contrast. The Data was conducted by radiology department in Gazira traumatology center in wadmadani,

-A sample of 05 patients of both gender, female(05) and male (05)their ages range from 4-05 years old ,they have abdominal diseases , CT scan was done to the explain this diseases.

-From the result of study was showed more frequent age affected between 01-05 years old, which represent 401 from the sample. The study result showed the most affected gender was female.The common finding were in the study was cases of bowel and pelvic diseases that percent (161), the urinary tract diseases that percent (101), liver diseases that percent (091), spleen disease (01), and vessels diseases (61), and other diseases of abdomen (11). It can be said that the CT image modality was performed and used as essential technique of evaluation abdominal diseases, which help to obtain early diagnosis.

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