The Aesthetics of Dipo Songs

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10 This study sets out to investigate the use of aesthetic elements in dipo songs that contribute to their social importance. Dipo songs serve as a means of social control; as a means of action directed towards the solution of problems that have plagued society in recent times by exposing the weakness, minor follies and major vices. Thus satire which is a major aesthetic element of dipo songs acts as a means of surgery to correct the follies. In a bid to achieve this, the researcher used questionnaires (unstructured and unrestricted), participant observation and face to face interviews to collect data for analysis. These sessions were recorded and translated and interpreted for analysis. The population was taken from major towns in Manya Krobo. In all, about 70 songs were presented for analysis in the study. The research has proved that dipo songs educate; spell out the dos and don’ts of life. For this reason, one major aesthetic element which has been extensively discussed is satire and humour in dipo songs. Over the years, these songs have helped to produce a conscientious and productive people since any deviation from the normal way of life is held up for ridicule. The study therefore recommends that the study of African music be give a priority in the country’s universities and colleges of education. The researcher also calls on the Konor and people of Manya Krobo to redirect their attention to dipo songs because they have the ability to address the vices they have to contend with in recent times.

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