The Design And Implementation Of Health Zone


Living as a human being, health is taken as a priority everywhere you go to. As the famous saying goes “Health is Wealth”. Some people are wealthy but are not healthy. A person can encounter any illness at any time. A person cannot say that him/her is over having a certain illness because, when it comes you cannot take it back. People are suffering from different kind of diseases all over the world. But in this case the problem is not only the disease but knowing about the diet and what to do when you have a certain illness like papers to read or advice from health proffessionals. Let’s say for example; if a person has hepatitis and diabetes, the person will want to eat healthy food, get reliable source of health facts but the food that you are meant to eat for hepatitis like sugarcane, might not be good for the diabetes. So this is the problem the system is trying to overcome. If a person knows he may get a certain disease due to reasons best known to him or from a specialist, he can manage taking meals, getting health facts and questions answered so that he can reduce or curb the chances of that disease. So in this system, the issue of knowing you might get a disease which can be managed with diet, and reliable health information will be curbed or reduced the rate of the disease.

Therefore, the patient can register for his/her illness on the system and the system will recommend papers, questions and their answers regarding the illness the patient registered for.

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