The Detection And Prevention Of Sniffing On Networks


With the presence of some faults in online protocols and operating systems, any person who is connected to a network, especially in a Local Area Network (LAN) can fall victim to his information getting monitored by another person that is connected to the same network. Due to this problem at hand, an uninformed person can have his private information endangered to getting exposed to other unknown persons. Such act is called “Sniffing” and mostly occurs on networks. By sniffing the network, a user can gain access into confidential documents and invade into anyone’s privacy. This project tends to curb the problem by developing an application called “Encrypto AntiSniff”. Encrypto AntiSniff is a packet sniffer that captures and analyses network traffic in real time. Coupled with the network analysis, Encrypto AntiSniff is able to detect for network intrusion automatically by immediately highlighting a captured packet it suspects malicious activities to be taking place in with a red colour and performing encryption on that packet in order to render the attacker’s aim of acquiring information from that packet useless. Encrypto AntiSniff combines multiple Sniffer detection and Intrusion detection techniques in its algorithm for detecting sniffers in order to achieve a more accurate result. This application was developed using Netbeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in Java programming language with WinPcap and Jpcap APIs. At the end of development, the application passed all tests given, despite that, development will still continue for future enhancements.

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