The Effect of Advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior (A Case Study of Nestle Food Nigeria Plc)

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Title page                                                                                      i

Certification                                                                        ii

Dedication                                                                          iii

Acknowledgement                                                                iv

Abstract                                                                                        vi

Table of content                                                                            vii



1.1        Background of the study                                           1

1.2        Statement of problem of the study                             4

1.3        Significance of the study                                           5

1.4        Scope of the study                                                     5

1.5        Limitation of the study                                              6


Literature Review

2.1        Definition of advertising                                            8

2.2        Types of advertising                                                            10

2.3        Objective of advertising                                             13

2.4        Media selection in advertising                                    14

2.5        Developing the advertising programme                       16

2.6        Who is a customer                                                    19

2.7        Types of consumer                                                    20

2.8        Evaluation of consumer buying behaviour                  24

2.9        Factor’s influencing consumer buying behaviour        25

2.10     Effect of advertising on consumer buying

behaviour                                                                           33     

2.11     Formulation of Hypothesis                                                  35


Research Methodology 

3.1        Research Methodology                                                         36     

3.2        The Research Design                                                           36

3.3        Definition of population and sampling size                 41

3.4        Data presentation and analysis techniques                 43


Data Presentation and Analysis

4.1        Brief history of the case study of Nestle Food

Nigeria plc                                                                          44 

4.2        Data presentation                                                     49

4.3        Data analysis                                                                      52

4.4        Test of hypothesis                                                     62


Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1        Summary                                                                            64

5.2        Conclusion                                                               66

5.3        Recommendations                                                     67

References                                                                69





          Advertising has become such as persuasive intensive social economic forces in Nigeria, as in other countries that neither manufacture non consumer can ignore it.

          As a communication is the sum total of directly and indirectly consciously transmitted felling attributes and wishes.

          Communication has been described as an interpersonal process of sending and receiving symbol with meaning attached to them (Scher, merhom, hunt and osborn 1983) as communication medium, advertising invade our street, office, ideas, person (dead or achieve) and instruction through various media outlet. Ozoh (1998).

          Many consumer do not seen to have any definable view on advertising they enjoy entertaining commercial especially if they do not interrupt their favorite programmes, once in a whole the claim the creativity evident in some print advertisement.

          Advertising as the campaign, marketer need to know these question as who are we trying to reach with our message i.e. the target market out of the total market. Information on their location, geographical, spread, age distribution, income, race, sex and education customer attitude, competing product etc is always consumer orient advertising market mess marketing possible by making prospective customer aware of the availability and unique quantity of specific good and service. However marketing manager is production companies today face a more complex and challenging environment that their predecessor.

          They are saddled with value added tax (VAT) unrealistic change rate decreasing consumer purchasing power the rise in diversity and the increase in complexity are creating new challenges in marketing particularly in the advertising field (objective, 1997). According to shits martin and porovon the investigative and calculator of a number of different area of business and market place that an organization must consider in order to develop and more product or service most efficiently and profitability from their pant to the ultimate consumer.

          Advertising is tough and frequency thankless business, it is also hard for the “logical” mind understand and appreciate advertising because at best. It seems to be a mysterious, immeasurable activity of doubtful value in yang okay (1997) it is in the light of the screen and that this study intends to critically examine the usefulness of advertising in persuading consumers to adopt a new or existing product.


          The study focused or revealing the effect of advertising on consumer buying behaviour there is any relationship either positive or negative. Firstly advantage or disadvantage between advertising on consumer buying behaviour. Secondly the study equally postulates what effect continuous advertisement of project has on consumer buying behaviour. These studies intend accomplish the following weather continues advertisement of a product has any effect on consumer buying behaviour. How consumer feel about continuous advertisement of a product, whether they are misleading explorative or deceitful.


          Advertisement has been regarded as a wasteful used resource and being about unhealthy competitors among firm. Based on the above science, the effect advertising on consumer buying behaviour play towards increasing soles volume of nestle food (Nigeria) Plc. With a view to the contribution of advertising to the realization of the sales objectives. 

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