The Effect of Location on Property Value




A well located product can often survive economically even if development is poorly planned and managed. A project that is not well located may fall even though it has the best planning and management and even design, Cassidy (2005). Today, many investors in real estate have no regret for taking a wise decision in site section while many still regret choice of bad location.

The relative location of a parcel of land is what determines it value. Thus, the relative location made is the combination of the spatial proximity or a plot of land to other parcel of land and linkages between them (Harsh 2000). In the course of studying the effect of location on property value accessibility cannot be isolated. Accessibility in this word considers the time and convenience of getting to a place. This refers to the nature of the road network i.e. rough, smooth undulating to other use wise. All these inquires have been observed in order to make alteration where necessary and avoid future occurrence, hence considering the work in respect of the effect of location of tertiary institution on property value.

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