The Impact Of Accounting Information On The Portfolio Management Of Bank

The overall purpose of this research work is to evaluate and determine the impact of accounting information on the portfolio management of bank.
Specifically, this research work stands to achieve the following objectives:
1) To determine whether accounting information has enhanced the portfolio management of commercial banks.
2) To find out whether conflict in accounting information affects the choice of portfolios. 
3) To determine whether accounting information has improved the basic roles of cost minimization, proper allocation of scarce resources and improvement of the portfolios. 
4) To ascertain the extent to which adequate use of accounting information reduces the risks associated with the portfolios. 

Every commercial bank targets the attainment of its desired objectives. They therefore aim towards efficiency and proper effectiveness in conducting its affairs. However, the level of this efficiency and effectiveness of any bank or the extent to which it is able to achieve its desired goals depends to a large extent on the quality of the available accounting information and on how the bank utilizes the available information.

For any commercial bank to be sure of success in the management of their portfolios in this day’s rapid changing environment, the management and staff must update themselves with every relevant and current accounting information that will be beneficial in determining the predetermined goals. Management must therefore plan the course of action of the bank by identifying the long, medium and short term goals based on the detailed analysis of feasibility, bearing in mind the socio-economic and political situation that might affect the plans to be achieved.

Optimal bank portfolio management is a continuous struggle of maintaining a balance between liquidity, profitability and risk. Banks need liquidity because such a large portion of their liabilities are payable on demand. The decision to choose one combination of portfolio over another, given the liquidity size and capital accounts of the bank would have direct and significant effect on bank’s profitability, liquidity and risk.

Commercial banks are very important financial institution in the economy in the expansion of investments and risks. Unfortunately, a deviation from profits to losses in portfolios will bring about wrong investment decisions by the bank which will bring about a defeat in their future risk taking policies and profit performance. A thorough analysis of the risk presented by an investment will improve the portfolio management thereby yielding less risk and more profitable portfolios.

The bank’s portfolio management is a major success factor of bank management. Numerous discussions on the new capital adequacy proposals enlighten the necessity to consider the banks portfolio management from both the internal and regulatory point of view. The question now is: with a simplified bank portfolio, is it possible to examine the impact of the regulatory risk limitation rules on the optimal situations under unfavorable market condition and intensifying competition bearing in mind that they are exposed to decreasing return margin on the portfolio and at the same time, their shareholders demand for higher risk premium for the capital they invested.

Based on this, this research work is assessing the extent to which banks are enlightened on how to strike a balance between risks and portfolios and whether commercial banks use accounting information especially on decisions to buy or not to buy a portfolio considering factors like the personality and integrity of the prospective investor and the Nigerian stock exchange trade guidelines.
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