The Impact of Marketing on Financial Institution (A Case Study of First Bank Nigeria Plc. Ilorin.)

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Title Page                                                                         i

Certification                                                                     ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                          iv-v

Table of contents                                                             vi-vii


1.0  Introduction                                                               1

1.1  Background of the Study                                         1-3

1.2  Statement of problem                                               3-4

1.3  Objectives of the study                                             4-5

1.4  Significance of the study                                          5-6

1.5  Scope of the study                                                     6-7

1.6  Limitation of the study                                             7-9



2.0 Literature Review                                                     10

2.1 Conceptual Frame work                                           10-12

2.2 Some basis Marketing Concept                               12-17

2.3 Marketing Mix                                                          17-19

2.4 Application of Marketing Mix to

      financial institution                                                  19-29

2.5 Market Segmentation in Banking Industry            29-31

2.6 Impact of Marketing in the Service of

     Banking Industry                                                       32-34

2.7 The problem of Marketing                                       34-36



3.0           Research Methodology                                        37

3.1           Research Population                                            37

3.2           Sampling Size                                                        37-38

3.3           Sampling Technique                                             38-39

3.4           Data Collection Method                                       39

3.5           Method of Data Presentation                               39-40



4.1           Historical Background of First Bank Nig. Plc.   41-43

4.2           Data presentation                                                 43-44

4.3           Analysis of Data                                                   45-55

4.4           Discussion of findings                                          56-57


5.0 Summary, Conclusion Recommendation.              58

5.1 Summary                                                                    58-59

5.2 Conclusion                                                                 59-61

5.3 Recommendation                                                      61-63

Appendix I                                                                      64

Appendix II                                                                     65-66          

References                                                                        67-68



1.0          INTRODUCTION


This research is an attempt to disapprove the pervasive notion that marketing is relevant only to the selling of physical end tangible products.

The nation was due to the fact for that for a long time, financial institution was a seller market where the buyer had to seek in some cases forming the impression that it was a privilege for him enjoy the service of a bank or other financial institutions. The financial institution can be defined as any establishment or organization responsible for providing financial services to their customers the government as well as the general public. These financial services include acceptance of deposits given of loan, stocks and bonds where life assurance e.t.c Institution covered under the term financial institution includes the Banks, institution forms, store Broking forms investment house, discount house e.t.c. In the past years, before the advent of a financial institutions, particularly Banks that were established in Nigeria.

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