The Importance of Good Communication in an Organization (A Case Study of Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin)

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Title page                                                                       i

Certification                                                                   ii

Dedication                                                                     iii

Acknowledges                                                                iv-v

Table of contents                                                          vi-vii

Proposal                                                                         viii-x


1.0      Introduction                                                         1

1.1      Aims and objectives of the study                        2

1.2      Statement of the study                                        3

1.3      Significance of the study                                     5

1.4      Scope and limitation of the study                       5

1.5      Plan of the study                                                  6

1.6      Definition of term                                                8


2.0      Literature Review                                                 10

2.1      Purpose of communication                                 11

2.2      Theory of communication                                    13

2.3      Types of communication                                     14

2.4      Barkers to effective communication                    18


3.1      Research methodology                                         32

3.2      Importance of communication                            36

3.3      Organizational chat                                             39


4.0      Data presentation                                                40

4.1      Data analysis                                                       46


5.0      Summary of findings                                           53

5.1      Conclusion                                                           55

5.2      Recommendation                                                 56

Appendix                                                              59

Questionnaire                                                      60

References                                                            62


        Every organization be it profit or non-profit oriented engage in one activity or the other. And they have goals and objectives to attain. Attaining these goals depends on a large extension of certain factors as planning organizing directing and controlling but there is one factor that integrates all these functions to ensure smooth wheeling organization activities, is communication according to Daniel Katz and Robbert L. Kahn can be described as the exchange of information and the transmission of meaning communication is the importance of a social system in an organization. The essence of good communication in an organization will be examined thoroughly with the aim of establishing the place of communication in an organization, describing the flow of communication, if possible barriers of important communication and proffering guides and techniques to improve communication in all establishments, but with a particular reference to (Kwara state polytechnic Ilorin) communication can not be overemphasized in improving management effectiveness. Businesses require information about price, competition, technology, finance customer, suppliers to stockholders, regulations of government and the community of residence. To ensure incisive examinations theoretical models such as interaction model that discuss the sender, receiver, channel, encoding and decoding, noise and feedback. The one-way models were discussed with illustrations to facilitate the process of communication between the sender and the receiver. The supervisor could be the sender and subordinate, the receiver or vice-versa. Organization established formal communications system when they set – up structural relationship while informal communication is also created by member of the organization and exist with formal system.

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