The Need for Proper Financial Record in An Organization (A Case Study of Eternit Limited, Sapele)

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This project is on “The need for proper financial record in an organization’ with reference to Eternit Limited, Sapele.  Chapter one deals with background of the study, statement of the problem, objective of the study, significance of the study, scope of the study and limitation of the study. Chapter two is literature review on users of accounting information, importance of accounting to business organisation, accounting concept and accounting convention, books of original entry as well as final account.  These were discussed relate to authorities in the field of accounting.  Chapter three contained research methodology under this chapter, the method employed to source for data is both primary and secondary source.  The statistical tool employ is the use of table and simple percentage.  Chapter four is the data presentation and analysis of result while chapter five entails the summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations.  The researcher discover financial accounting have helped the overall efficiency of the business in terms of financial statement and otherwise.  Therefore, the researcher recommend that there should be proper day-to-day transaction so that accounting system in the organization can improve from one stage to another.


Title                                                                                                   i

Approval                                                                                          ii

Dedication                                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                                           iv

Abstract                                                                                           v

Table of contents                                                                             vi      

Chapter One - Introduction

1.1    Background of the study                                                      1

1.2    Statement of problem                                                            2

1.3    Objective of the study                                                            3

1.4    Research Question                                                               4

1.5    Research Hypothesis                                                            4

1.6    Significance of the study                                                       4

1.7    Scope of the Study                                                                5

1.8    Limitation of the Study                                                           5

1.9    Definition of Terms                                                                6

Chapter Two - Literature review

2.1    Definition of Fraud                                                                 8

2.2    Misappropriation or Defalcation Cash and Goods               8

2.3    Fraudulent Manipulation of Accounting Information            10

2.4    Forging of Cheques and Documents and Using one Approval       

that is More Than a Time                                                      11

2.5    Carry Over Fraud                                                                  11

2.6    How Fraud can be Prevented                                               11

2.7    Defect of Fraud                                                                      12

2.8    What Fraud can do to the Organization                               13

2.9    When it is Prevented                                                             13

Chapter Three - Research methodology

3.0    Introduction                                                                            15

3.1    Research design                                                                    15

3.2    Area of the Study                                                                   15

3.3    Sources of Data Collection                                                   16

3.4    Method of Data Analysis                                                       17

3.5    Procedure for Data Collection                                              167

3.6    Data Used in the Study                                                                   17

3.7    Sample and Sampling Techniques                                      18

Chapter Four - Data Analysis and Interpretation

4.0    Introduction                                                                            19

4.1    Data Analysis                                                                         19

Chapter Five - Summary conclusion and recommendation

5.0    Introduction                                                                            35

5.1    Summary of findings                                                              35

5.2    Conclusion                                                                             36

5.3    Recommendation                                                                  37

References                                                                             38

Appendix                                                                                40

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