The Place of English Language in Nigeria.

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The English language in the Nigeria setting toady is a victim of untold abnormalities. This can be attributed to the serious crises generally agreed to exist in the educational sector of the country. This disgraceful problem has been diagnosed to be the aftermath from abysmal incompetence in the use of English in all tiers  and levels of formal education and in fact the whole society at large. Put in another way, expert has deduced that “English language is poorly taught, poorly learnt and very poorly used everywhere in Nigeria. Yet the English language is and remains the language for everything that is considered important, necessary and crucial in Nigeria and for the today’s Nigeria.” The situation is pathetic the at primary school level, English language competence in the country approximates that in South Africa. This figure still represents a weak knowledge in the language. So, Nigerians who find their way into the primary school of the country simply acquire low competency status in the major language abilities: speaking, understanding, reading, writing and listening to English.

Consequent upon the facts unveiled so far, the primary concern of this work is to give and extensive and intensive, where necessary, analysis on the fate of this world language of English in the Nigerian educational perspective. Informative and educative, the foregoing will interestingly rhapsodize the rather pitiable altitude of the subject matter in the nation’s academic sphere while providing a resourceful overview on the unfortunate condition with cogent recommendations to remedy the anomalies.

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